Final Lucidchart of current ecosystem

$BRAIN Tokenomics

  • Transaction Fee: 10%
  • Total Max. Supply: 30'000
  • Presale: 10'000-20'000
  • Presale Type: Presale + Pancakeswap Listing
  • Pancakeswap Liquidity: XXXX Brain: Raised $
  • Initial listing price: 15–17$
  • Fee Split: 5% to FeeDistributor Contract, 5% to Token Contract which will be used to generate Liquidity.

$IQ Tokenomics

  • Transaction Fee: 10%
  • Fee Split: 5% to Holders…

Mapping of our Ecosystem

As Announced, i will write a detailed update about the upcoming changes of $BRAIN and the Ecosystem.

$BRAIN Token

  • Transaction fees will be changed from 2% -> 5%.
  • Set $BRAIN as payment option on Opensea.
  • Only way to get $IQ

$IQ Token

  • $IQ will be an ERC-20, which means it will have functions as…

This is Art.

We had a very rough but still satisfying launch of our first NFT Lootbox recent days. It turned out to work as intended and we will continue to monitor the behaviour of the whole situation. It could be that we will try implementing some changes to optimize the overall system.

Since the last update we did change small details like rewards output, exact fee distributions, staking mechanics and so on.


We will launch 2 farms. Both farms will have NO minimum requirement but a maximum amount a person possibly can stake. The max. reward will be 1 IQ / day…

As announced on our Telegram Group, we would like to bring an update of the current situation followed by some more details about our project.

Wtf happened?

We basically had a plan as explained on our previous article but also noticed that the Community can’t wait several weeks to get their hands…

Big Brain verified

Welcome to some Low IQ Finance protocol. I’ll explain briefly what happened and where we’re heading so load up some brain because it’s about to get complex.

What exactly are we doing?

We forked $MEME and added the Deflationary logics of $CORE to it. $BRAIN is a complete NFT farm on steroids. The holder of…


Deflationary NFT farming Project. Acting as a Launchpad to kickstart artists.

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