Big Brain verified

Welcome to some Low IQ Finance protocol. I’ll explain briefly what happened and where we’re heading so load up some brain because it’s about to get complex.

What exactly are we doing?

We forked $MEME and added the Deflationary logics of $CORE to it. $BRAIN is a complete NFT farm on steroids. The holder of $BRAIN will be able to Vote through our DAO on the Community’s behalf. You guys decide how high the tx fees will be. You also decide about the Vault and future buybacks.

How did this get started?

We were rugged by TGT and then decided to hire a Developer to build a solid project. We believe that our improvements in terms of NFT farming will bring some fresh air into the scene.

How does the Farming work?

The farming will be quite similar to the one on $MEME. The difference is that we issue out 3 different Points (Silver, Gold, Diamond) depending on the priority of the Pools.
The Tiers determine the lootbox you’re able to buy.

Our Tiers

  • Common — 1'000 copies
  • Rare — 500 copies
  • Epic — 100 copies
  • Legendary — 10 copies
  • Exotic — 3 copies
  • Silver (is able to buy Common — Legendary Tier.)
  • Gold (is able to buy Common —Legendary Tier (With Epic / Legendary drop chance slightly higher.)
  • Diamond (Is able to buy random Exotic Tier only. 1 Pull, has the chance to drop 1 Exotic NFT. Can not chose niche.)

Price of 1x Random Pull.

1x Common-Epic: 15 ‘’Silver’’

1x Rare-Legendary: 30 ”Gold

1x Exotic Pull: 50 or more “Diamond

  • *Important: You can NOT chose your desired NFT. You are buying pulls of a lootbox which means the NFT you drop is random.**

The three different farming Pools

⁃ Stake 1–5 $BRAIN token, get 1–5 ‘’Silver’’+ 1–5 ”Gold

⁃ Stake XX-XX BAL LP, get 1–5 ”Silver” + 1–5 ”Gold” + 0.5–2.5 “Diamond

⁃ Stake $BRAIN/ETH UNIv2 (This will be our fee generator farm, based on core), get 1–5 ”Silver” + 1–5 ”Gold” + 1–5 ”Diamond” + X% **$BRAIN that got generated from the fees**

How does the Dev earn from this?

We earn from the transaction fees. Currently it’s set to 0.1%. The holders will be able to lower and higher this up to a max. of 25% (like Core) and from other fee sources like Bal rewards.

Where do the fees go?

Currently the fees are going to this address: 0xB03832FE8f62b27F5e278F0eEe65b5Ace875D984 until the farms open up. We want to implement an automation contract that will redirect the fees proportional to three endpoints.

  • Farming Pool
  • Developers Wallet
  • Burning Address

Is the Liquidity Locked?

Yes, it is locked until 4. October 2069.

What NFT’s are we going to farm?

The first farm will be full Waifu. No more comments. In future we will be collaborating with crypto artist and will also have incentives.

Anything more to know?

Yes, the Owner wallet is still holding 5'000 $BRAIN. This is not meant to dump or some shady exit strategy. We will be using tokens to inject into the farming pool at launch and to finalize specific deals, especially with crypto artists and developers.


Token Name: Nobrainer.Finance

Token Ticker: $BRAIN

Decimal: 18

Total Supply: 30’000

Presale: 20’000

Uniswap Liq: 5’000 $BRAIN + 40 ETH

Sold out within 20 minutes.

Deflationary NFT farming Project. Acting as a Launchpad to kickstart artists.